Anyone who reads Jayne Duffy’s story would call her a hero. Jayne is a survivor; her courage and strength are contagious. I remember being a little nervous before picking up the phone to talk to Jayne. Sometimes my shy, still-an-intern side comes through and talking to these amazing women with incredible stories can be a little intimidating. Not more than a minute into the conversation, however, I found myself laughing and joking along with Jayne. She was so confident, so willing to share her story with others. Ten minutes after I hung up, my e-mail mailbox was filled with emails from Jayne giving me further links and other sources that I might find helpful. Jayne Duffy is more than a hero, she has the ability to connect with people, to gain the instant trust of others and use her skills to better the life of others.

 Jayne Duffy would have every right to be bitter and negative. Her abuser ran her over with his car and repeatedly smashed her face into the gravel. She was left paralyzed, unable to work, with serious tooth decay and facial scars. No one would have judged her had she sat back and lived the rest of her life as an angry victim. Jayne did nothing of the sort. Everyday Jayne looks to find others like herself. Jayne told me that she can look a young women in the eyes and know if she has been abused. She can see their fear and their distrust; it is these women that Jayne to whom reaches out. Jayne has kept up her licenses as both a paralegal and a notary. She helps other women make sure they have the resources they need in order to keep their home and move on with their lives.

 An advocate recommended the ROSE Fund to Jayne and Jayne could not have given higher praise for the people she has worked with and the doctors who have helped Jayne piece back the segments of her life. Jayne speaks very highly of the dentist that helped her with her decaying teeth saying, “I cannot sing her praises loudly enough. It was the first time I went to a dentist and didn’t feel humiliated.  She was patient, kind, funny, and an incredibly great dentist. I have had at least six or seven visits and still have at least one or more to go.” Jayne continues to work with the ROSE Fund to help heal the physical reminder of abuse.

 Jayne continues to persevere even with the odds stacked against her. She volunteers for both NOVA and MOVA, running their Webinar. Jayne was the first women to receive a permanent restraining order in the commonwealth of Dedham and continues to fight for the justice of all victims while putting her children through college. I knew Jayne Duffy was a hero even before I picked up the phone. After talking with Jayne, I now know the true meaning of persevering.