Rosetta grew up in Alabama as the youngest of ten children. Rosetta met a man, HC, and they began to date. For a whole year things seemed to be going well. However, after the honeymoon period of dating, HC began to change. In the second year of their relationship, he became violent and threatening towards Rosetta. One night, when HC did not like the way Rosetta was driving, he punched her in the face at a stop sign, breaking her eye socket and causing severe damage to her mouth. Rosetta found the help she needed in the hospital and left Alabama to recover with her sister in Boston.

Rosetta received surgery from MEEI to help mend her eye. One of Rosetta’s advocates connected her with the ROSE Fund and she was able to set up appointments with a dentist to get work done on her teeth and gums. Rosetta could not be more thankful for the doctors and the people she worked with at the ROSE Fund. She was touched by their kindness and felt blessed to have been given such an opportunity. Rosetta was able to go to all of her appointments because of the generosity of a ROSE volunteer who was willing to drive her to meet with the doctor. Rosetta keeps in touch with many people from the ROSE Fund and formed strong relationships with many people through this process.

Rosetta believes that the only way to stop domestic violence is by speaking out against the silence. Rosetta felt like going through a domestic violence situation was like having a bomb dropped on her life. She often felt slighted by the system but never gave up. She never let the system break her, she recalls, and she is now working towards breaking the system. She wants to be the voice of all domestic violence victims who are not confident to speak up for themselves. Rosetta emphasized the fact that many victims feel as though the abuse is in someway their fault. Rosetta is working towards reaching out to those women to ensure all victims know they did nothing wrong.

Rosetta will be moving back to Alabama in the next few months. She has dreams of starting her own non-profit organization one day, helping to stop the cycle of violence and reach out to others in need. When she returns to Alabama, she will begin volunteering at local shelters. Rosetta was able to get her certification in administrative assistance and in medical assistance. She had an internship and started to put her life back together. Rosetta wanted her story told because “you can’t reach people if you don’t talk about it. My heart is in helping domestic violence victims.” We are so proud of Rosetta and cannot wait to watch what she accomplishes!