At the age of sixteen, a time when most girls are thinking only of driver’s licenses and proms, Asia Graves, a young girl from Boston, was kicked her out of her house and forced onto the streets. Three years later, Asia became pregnant.  

The news of Asia’s pregnancy with a new man infuriated her ex-boyfriend. He kidnapped her and hit her in the head with an iron. She tried to contact the police but it only made things worse. “He saw me interacting with the police and sent nine girls to stomp my stomach out with Timberland boots to give me a miscarriage.” For Asia, this was a breaking point, and after a month long stay in the hospital, she decided to get help.

An FBI agent at the hospital helped Asia find a group home in NC. She had the courage to speak out and had her abusers arrested. Asia found a mentor who had previously worked with the ROSE Fund. Her mentor helped Asia fill out her surgery application for the ROSE Fund to help heal her physical wounds. Although Asia had escaped the cycle of domestic violence, it left her with a facial scare and chipped teeth, a constant reminder of the horrible pain she had endured.

Asia Graves’ message to all those currently suffering from domestic violence is, “Get out while you can! If you have the chance to do it, get away.” Asia is a shining example of how heart and perseverance, mixed with confidence and hope, can help break the cycle of domestic violence. Asia Graves is very thankful for the doctors she met through the ROSE Fund. They have made her feel like better person and have given her back some of the self-confidence she had lost. Asia specifically spoke of Dr. G., who was “very nice and considered her feelings.”

We commend Asia Graves for her truly inspirational story. She shares her incredible life with others in hopes of helping other women in her situation.