Jeanne Decker has always had a passion for art. Growing up in the PA, she went to art school after high school.  She now runs an art program at a Women’s Resource Center.  However, Jeanne’s life was not always painted so beautifully. 

Jeanne was married to her abuser for ten years and recalls, “sometimes it was horrific and sometimes it wasn’t too bad.” She had the courage to divorce her husband, but unfortunately, the abuse continued.  Her ex-husband broke into her house and beat her with a crow bar as her son slept next to her in her bed.

Although her abuser went to jail for two-and-a-half years, her life was left in shambles. With the help of the Women’s Resource Center, Jeanne was able to move to transitional housing. At the age of thirty-nine Jeanne wanted to go back to school; she wanted to start over.  However, the growing number of meetings, court dates and a new home made finishing school too difficult.

Jeanne found the ROSE Fund as she was searching for a way to stay in the school. The Women’s Recourse Center nominated her for the award and she won in 2008! She was able to receive her master’s degree and intern at the Women’s Resource Center. With funds form the ROSE Fund, Jeanne was able to start an art program at the shelter. Jeanne is now Resident Manager at the Women’s Resource Center.

Jeanne wants to thank the ROSE Fund for helping her get her life where it is today. She continues to work on different projects, hoping to help victims of domestic violence and possibly even intervene before others have to go through what she went through. We commend Jeanne Decker for her amazing perseverance and dedication to helping break the cycle of silence and abuse!