Hello there, 2010. A new year, a new decade. What are your resolutions?


We’ve heard a lot of people say that they’ve resolved to help others and we couldn’t be more thrilled. To help you get a leg-up on your resolution, we’re letting you know that the R.O.S.E. Fund is always accepting donations…no matter how small the amount.

Of course, we accept other forms of support.  You can help by recruiting your friends to our Cause, or by asking them to make a donation if you cannot afford to do so yourself.

We’re on Facebook and Twitter, too.  Let’s be friends!

Volunteers are always welcome.  For more information on how you can lend time to the R.O.S.E. Fund, visit our Web site.

Or, if you’d just like to know what we’re up to, sign up for our newsletter.

Thank you for all those who contributed in 2009. We hope you’re all as excited as we are for what 2010 beholds!

Best wishes,

The R.O.S.E. Fund team