Happy Labor Day Weekend from The R.O.S.E. Fund (Regaining One’s Self Esteem)




I wanted to wish all of you a happy and safe Labor Day weekend and provide you with a brief update on how your continued support of The R.O.S.E. Fund continues to profoundly improve the lives of women survivors of domestic violence.  Since our last email, earlier this summer, a number of R.O.S.E. recipients have returned to the labor force and a few others are about to launch new careers as recent graduates of colleges, nursing programs and law schools.

The thread that runs through all of the R.O.S.E. programs is helping women to regain their self-esteem.  Some of these women have returned to the labor force based on the new skills they developed on a R.O.S.E. scholarship. Others had already earned their degrees and had good careers but hadn’t been working because of the mental and physical effects of an abusive relationship.  They didn’t have the courage or the confidence to get a job, or even an interview, because of unsightly facial scars, disfigurements and/or missing and cracked teeth.

Through the strength and generosity of the R.O.S.E. network of dentists and doctors, these women have taken critical steps towards rebuilding their lives and renewing their self-esteem.  Not only have these participating doctors erased scars and given these women beautiful smiles; they’ve given them a reason to smile.  These successful medical outcomes provide these women with not only a refreshed outlook, but also the self-esteem and self-confidence they need to effectively interview and secure a good job.  With your support, these courageous women have been able to rebuild their lives, return to the workforce and increase their financial independence.

A couple of recent R.O.S.E. recipients (S.R*.is a R.O.S.E. Scholar and R.D.* is a R.O.S.E. Award Winner) have recently graduated from law school, taken the bar exam and are excited to launch their legal careers.   Both are committed to dedicating a portion of their time to serve as legal advocates for other women survivors of domestic violence.  Other past R.O.S.E. recipients (Scholars, Award Winners and Reconstructive Surgery Recipients) recently shared with us how they are bringing more women into the labor force as they are growing their organizations (M.C.* owns a beauty salon north of Boston, and M.L*. just opened her third domestic violence shelter this summer in the southwest). They credit the support they received from R.O.S.E. as having played a significant role in enabling them to start and grow their organizations that are focused on the safety and self-esteem of women.

Perhaps the sentiments of these women are best captured in the words of a 53 year old mother E.K.* who, with R.O.S.E. support, continues to advance her nursing career:

“With help and support from R.O.S.E., I found and used the keys to free myself.   The best thing is that I have a career that I want, a career that I’m excited about and one where I can make a real difference in people’s lives.   I do not believe in revenge as a rule.  But having my independence and my financial freedom is truly the best feeling in the world, and the sweetest form of vindication.  I can’t thank you enough for what you’ve given me.  You’ve given me back my life.”



Your hard work, generosity and ongoing support of R.O.S.E. enables us to invest in these women, their families (80% of R.O.S.E. recipients are mothers) and their futures; investments that continue to pay forward rich and rewarding dividends. With your support, the cycle of violence is being replaced with a cycle of empowerment, with women helping women.

Thanks again for your support and helping us to achieve all of the above.  Enjoy a safe and happy holiday weekend.  I look forward to seeing you soon at the 2009 Annual R.O.S.E. Awards Gala on Tuesday night, October the 13th at Boston’s Fairmont Copley Hotel.



Daniel J. Walsh
Chairman and Executive Director
The R.O.S.E. Fund